Paris - Climathon 2019


Together, let's make the City of Paris more resilient to climate change!

Contribute to solving the City of Paris' challenge on energy efficiency: how to invest for a better living in Parisian housing?

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Join the Climathon in Paris to meet with local leaders, as well as experts from the financial and industrial sectors, to develop solutions to mobilize investment in housing renovation, in order to leverage energy efficiency to improve the quality of daily life.

Turn your ideas into reality by working with developers, entrepreneurs and students to find innovative local solutions and get concrete support to deploy them. Come up with an existing idea or work on a new solution with an inspiring team. Experts will support your team for 24 hours to find the best solutions to this Challenge on Energy Efficiency at the heart of the Just Transition!


Discover the Energy Efficiency challenge for Paris waiting to be solved by you!

How to mobilize investments to renovate the housing buildings in Paris ?

In France, buildings represent 25% of energy consumption and 20% of CO2 emissions. Energy efficiency in housing is essential for the well-being of citizens, to ensure good health and economic stability. Scaling up investment to renovate housing buildings is at the heart of the "Just Transition"!

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