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Social Networks vs Climate Change: Join Us for the Win

Social networks can be powerful forces for change – both good and bad. Can they help us address climate change? We think yes. Join us. Make it happen.

A view of the Golden Gate bridge and the San Francisco Bay area on a sunny day.

The San Francisco Bay Area is a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship, and scientific research.

Located in northern California on America's beautiful and vibrant west coast, this region has been at the forefront of green policies and renewable energy technologies for decades. It's also the home to the companies that dominate our interconnected, networked lives both locally and globally.

It's the perfect starting place for powerful projects that will create massive, global, positive change.

Join us here – on-site and online.


The theme for Climathon San Francisco Bay Area is: "How Can Social Networks Address Climate Change?" The broad challenge areas are listed below. Current projects per area are listed at - register to login, then view/join/propose projects.

How can we create and curate quality CONTENT that inspires climate-positive action?

Social media content is designed to be compelling and engaging to users of social media, and can inspire users to take action. Can we create and curate content that maximizes engagement and action while being trustworthy and scientifically sound?

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How can we use social networks to drive climate-positive BEHAVIOR?

Social networks can influence human choices on a massive, global scale. As a means for propagating changes in human behavior – both good and bad – social media has already demonstrated enormous power. So how do we harness that power for good?

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How can CYBER-PHYSICAL ICT connect humans to data and devices to fight climate change?

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) connect humans to a vast, cyber-physical realm of sensors, devices and data. ICTs like AI and IoT can amplify and extend our ability to fight climate change, individually and collectively. But there are risks. How do we make it all work?

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How can we reduce the ecological FOOTPRINT of social networks?

Social networks have enormous potential as positive forces against climate change. But they are also massive consumers of resources and energy. Let's make storing and sharing data over social networks a net positive for the planet.

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