Car Pool solution for workers in Trentino

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A chatbot that motivates you to cycle more


There is 1% of modal share of cycling in Vilnius among ~200.000 cars on the city streets of Vilnius. If you encourage people to bike more often and change the number of bike commuters in Vilnius from 1% to 2% - it'll be 2000 less cars on the streets each day.

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A community to generate a behavioral change


Our project is to implement a community of researchers that will think and propose solutions to reduce carbon footprint linked to conference mobility.

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Raising awareness on climate change and circular economy for users, we want to find a strategy of comunication through smart tools, taking into account the different leves of awareness and knowledge. Social networks and apps will allow to be more efficient in recycling and reusing.

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After Journey


The journey of undervalued food after they are off from supermarket shelfs.

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To provides periodical information 24 x 7 service, Worldwide coverage with High technology to Farmers and Supermarket

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Mexico City

Our app give you information about the economic impact of rainwater harvesting

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AiM (Augmented interactive Meetings)


Our application is an advanced communication tool creating a more personal meeting experience online which should decrease business travels. Moreover, our solution provides a way to make smart travel choices and visualize and quantify cost and CO2 emission savings for the company.

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Air Pollution


Pollution in China is one aspect of the broader topic of environmental issues in China. Various forms of pollution have increased as China has industrialised, which has caused widespread environmental and health problems.

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Application décompte CO2 en rapport avec le covoiturage


Notre application vise à désengorger le trafic pendulaire en optimisant le trafic pendulaire et en incitant l'utilisateur à améliorer son comportement en terme d'émission de CO2.

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AQIS - Air Quality Information System


Our information system helps to create awareness of air pollution in the city and gives incentives to reduce it. The pollution data is visualized in a way that every citizen can understand the current pollution and gets in touch with it by displaying it on a website and in public places.

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Aquifai - building oceans by saving drops…


An App-based service that rewards people for reducing their water consumption.

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Climathon Stories

Read our Climathon stories to get inspired.

Affordable & Effective Insulation

Bangor, United Kingdom

Using sheep's wool to produce affordable and effective insulation

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