After Journey


After Journey

The journey of undervalued food after they are off from supermarket shelfs.

After Journey
Luis Alfonso Monje, Xinyue Du, Qifeng Yan, Luisa Jannuzzi
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GROWING LOCAL: Creating Tukkutori Sustainable Urban Food Hub

How to develop the Tukkutori and Teurastamo district, an old wholesale, warehouse and abattoir area located in the heart of Helsinki, to become an urban food hub serving the local neighborhoods and the leader for a sustainable food revolution in the whole city?

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After Journey

The journey of undervalued food after they are off from supermarket shelfs.

Solution context

Food waste contributes a big part to our carbon footprint. In Finland alone, the annual food waste is estimated to be 335 - 460 kilograms, which can be translated to CO2 equivalent of 1000 million kilograms per year. There are recurrent food waste in supermarkets that are continuous but avoidable. Food products that are still in good condition for consumption are usually not sold just because they do not look good or they are close to expiration date. Such pattern of consumer behavior results in huge food waste, which our team believe can be mitigated, improved and better by implementing our system. 

Solution description

Our idea is to build at first a B2B platform that connects stakeholders such as supermarkets and raw food material consuming business such as restaurants and food production companies for win-win situations. By providing improved logistics service, we offer supermarkets cheaper price for picking up their food that can not be sold due to their bad looks or the fact that they are close to expiration date. After sorting the food, we will put the food on a platform for potential business partners such as food companies and restaurants to see their availability, and distribute the food products according to the order. The restaurants also get the food at a fraction of the market price. By doing so, we create a win-win situation for all parties involved and reduce our food waste and therefore our carbon footprint. At further stages, the platform involves also the community, comprehended as costumers, turning it as a B2C integrated platform. 


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