Add one option in navigation app that combines bicycle, EV, bus etc

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Shanghai Lingang wants to be an example for smart mobility in order to promote good health, sustainable living and create a city template for other cities to follow! Can you help to develop new solutions to support to make this happen?

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Add one option in navigation app that combines bicycle, EV, bus etc

Solution description

As a new city in ShangHai, LinGang is building a world low carbon demonstration area.  It has some favorable conditions. At the same time, LinGang also faces some challenges.

Conditions: Fewer Population; Diversity of Transportation;

Challenges:Scattered Places; No completed Green travel route; Sustainability Concerns;

Therefore, they want to add one option in navigation app.  Then the app will include the most low-carbon route(Combination of bicycle, EV, bus etc) for users. And the users will choose the most low-carbon route will get discount of the ticket and souvenirs and can combine collection game on that route to encourage people to choose the most low-carbon route.

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