Three-wheeld covered electrical bicycle

Weather resistant, green alternative to current car-sharing systems.

Paul Japek, Jasmin Kailath, Jonathan Kolb
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Shared mobility

Growing cities like Vienna face increasing traffic density. New mobility concepts can contribute to avoiding additional and reducing existing emissions from transport. How can we make use of technological progress and digitalisation to optimise transportation in the city of the future?

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Three-wheeld covered electrical bicycle

Weather resistant, green alternative to current car-sharing systems.

Solution description

The SHARK-Bike is a three-wheeld covered electrical bicycle. Therefore it is a weather resistant, green alternative to current car-sharing systems.

The SHARK-Bike aims to reduce cities' CO2 emissions as well as air and sound pollution. Because it combines the best aspects of a car and a bicycle the SHARK-Bike is the perfect fit for sightseeing tourist on rainy days, windy days, winter days and for transporting your bags from A to B. When you are travelling and exploring cities together with you best buddy you can share one two-seated SHARK-Bike for only a fraction of the price of shared cars.

In Austia there are about 4.4 Mio. cars about a quarter beeing the second car in one household. If we replaced all those second cars with SHARK-Bikes we would reduce Austria’s CO2 emissions by 1.24 Mio. tons per year. That is about 7% of Austria’s CO2 reduction agreed upon in the Paris Climate Agreement.

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