Solving commuter problems.

Florian Brockhaus, Herwig Georg Spornberger, Valentin Buisson, Yi Ling Tan
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Shared mobility

Growing cities like Vienna face increasing traffic density. New mobility concepts can contribute to avoiding additional and reducing existing emissions from transport. How can we make use of technological progress and digitalisation to optimise transportation in the city of the future?

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Solving commuter problems.

Solution context

A standard problem for every thriving city is the huge number of commuters entering and exiting the city. It is commonly known that a lot of this traffic from the suburban area to the city is actually is done by car. Furthermore most of this cars are occupied only by one person. Moreover, a good amount of these cars are used mainly for this trip, which are blocking parking space all day.

Finally, all these cars have a bad impact on the climate and are congesting the city.

There is currently a lack of means for these commuters to find a solution to the problem.





Solution description

WHY Vienna Together?

Vienna Together is here to provide a communication mean between the commuters.


WHAT are the features?

Find people following the same route as you in Vienna and its surroundings

Find some góod meeting points to meet your new partners

Adapt your profile and see others' profiles in order to find not-only car sharer but maybe even friends !

Partnerships to provide benefits to the people using Vienna Together (ex: discounts, tax reduction, reserved or free parking spot)

For WHO?

Mainly for people living in the suburbs of Vienna or its surroundings who would like to save money, relieve stress, have an impact on the climate, meet new people, sit in a fancy car

The companies who would like to promote such initiative in order to save costs and parking spots or be more green





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