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A bin to solve every house's waste management problem

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Change in Human Behavior Towards a Clean Dhaka

The Dhaka North City Corporation and Dhaka South City Corporation installed around 6,000 waste bins across the city in 2016 but the project failed within a year due to a lack of awareness of the citizens. So, any waste management project in Dhaka require behavioural change of it's citizens.

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A bin to solve every house's waste management problem

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Making people adapted to a eco friendly bin so that everyone can manage their waste by their house.

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The bin has four distinguished compartments where we can segment plastic and metal/glass/paper waste in 2 compartments and we can reuse this products by selling it to reusable industries or can make some useful handycrafts.Other 2 compartments have two different aspects to solve .In one compartment there will be grinder connected with a drier so that carbohydrate type wastes can be converted into compost within a duration of 6 hours and daily 500gm compost can be produced in this way.And ,finally the remained compartment is used to make pet feed from the protein wastage.Thus ,we can keep odour out from our house for each  single time,provide nutrient available compost to our indoor plant,provide feed to our adorable pets & may make a little but new source of income.

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