5 reasons to join your local Climathon

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Global Climathon Day launches virtually on 13 November, allowing citizens from anywhere in the world to participate this year! EIT Climate-KIC’s flagship ideathon is an opportunity to take climate action into your own hands. Here’s a taste of what participants can expect for Climathon 2020.

1. Positively Impact Your City

Climate impacts are touching every part of the globe - but you know the climate challenges facing your community the best. At Climathon, you will tackle real-life, local problems affecting your city and fellow citizens, like improving green mobility or finding ways to reduce rising temperatures. It’s time to reshape and rethink the places we call home and the future we want as citizens. This is your chance to turn your passion into concrete action and leave a positive footprint on your city.

2. Elevate your Ideas

At Climathon, there’s no such thing as a bad idea! It doesn’t matter if you arrive with a proven business model or if you are completely starting from scratch. The event is meant to inspire collaboration, teamwork and boundless ideation. Spar your solutions with experts in the field and receive instant, critical feedback to reiterate and advance your ideas. The most transformative initiatives will be selected to receive prizes, mentoring support and perhaps a seat at the Climathon Awards.

3. Expand Your Network

On Global Climathon Day, you’ll be virtually connected with like-minded people eager to make your city more climate-resilient. Team up to boost your brainstorming powers and build lasting friendships along the way. Here, you’ll also gain access to local organisers and decision-makers with influence over city plans and policies. While networking with experts, why not take the opportunity to kickstart a climate action-driven career?

4. Develop New Skills & Knowledge

Are you clueless about the climate issues facing your city? That’s ok! You’ll leave Climathon with an in-depth understanding of the local challenges, their impact on your community, and what can be done to solve them. We teach you the tools and methodologies to build the foundations for tangible projects and impactful initiatives. Plus, you can hone your ideation, design-thinking and pitching skills, and put your digital know-how to the test!

5. Join a Global Movement

From 13 November and beyond, digital Climathons will kick off in cities across the globe, uniting thousands of citizens just like you! This virtual event is more accessible than ever and allows participants to partake in any city’s Climathon. You can play a role in a global community working together to take climate action. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, or simply someone interested in the challenges facing your city, it’s not too late to register! Take action and join your local Climathon

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