COVID-19 & Climathon 2020: We're going online!

Corona Climathonrs

“The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings” -- Okakura Kakuzō.

That these are uncertain times that much is clear. However, it doesn’t have to mean that we all hit pause on life and our resourcefulness for a meaningful continuation of it.

Climathon is known to be a vessel for bringing people and organisations from all sides of society together, for the benefit of the community and the planet at large. It is in these unprecedented times we are faced with the challenge of physically coming together.

That is why Climathon 2020 has pivoted the event structure in such a way that your city’s Climathon can now also be held in an online environment.

At Climathon we view this pivot as an opportunity.

With bustling cities now able to take a breath; you as an organiser, partner, or participant are presented with a unique chance to create lasting change with minimum interference of day-to-day life.

“At Climathon, we view this pivot as an opportunity”

What it means for you as a Participant

Apart from being able to contribute from the comfort of your own home, participating in an Climathon is not much different. Through various online tools there will be plenty of options for breakouts in smaller groups and structure pitches and idea presentations in relevant ways.

What it means for you as a Local Organiser

The time is now to put your stamp on what the future will look like. It is a call to be bold, brave, and inventive.

Where in the recent past implementing ideas to reverse climate change could be slow processes: the rapid pace with which the world has responded to the global pandemic shows us that change can be fast when all those involved are aligned.

By moving Climathon 2020 to an online environment, you’ll have the option to organise it earlier in the year. Climathon Karachi, Pakistan, for example, has already successfully completed their Climathon in early May. They have shown that bringing powerful ideas into existence can also surface through an online event.

“The time is now to put your stamp on what the future will look like”

What it means for you as a Partner Organisation

With unstable financial markets, an online event could actually open up the doors to more partner organisations to contribute to Climathon. An online Climathon has fewer costs involved as opposed to a real-life event. This plays into the hand of organisations who would love to support with expertise but are lacking in financial bandwidth. An online Climathon can thus bring together more partners and harness the wisdom of the crowd.

Physical event vs. Online event

This pivot into an online Climathon is an optional, not a mandatory change. For those cities still aiming to organise their Climathon for November2020 and have made significant steps towards that, we continue our support for your real-life event. Though we do strongly advise to check with your local government and country policies with regards to social gatherings.

EIT Climate-KIC support

In the playbook, you will now also find additional tips and tricks on apps and tools that will help you organise your online Climathon. 

We have all seen how quickly the world can adapt to necessary changes.

Let that be an opening for also implementing better ideas for our climate and the future of our cities and societies.

Thanks to our global partners