Green Invest: Making the Green Economy an accessible reality

Green Invest
Climathon 2020’s Most Transformative Idea brings small investors and big projects together.

Investments in climate resilience are becoming increasingly important across all kinds of sectors. From renewable energy to green mobility, sustainable projects are in high demand while personal investors are excited to invest. Recognising this gap between supply and demand, a Climathon team from Stuttgart, Germany developed Green Invest, a community-driven investment platform that connects potential funders with local green projects.

“Our app can make investing easy and safe. Plus, citizens will be able to make a sustainable profit and grow their investments.”
David Müller, Green Invest team member

The application allows users to quickly search for sustainable investment opportunities in their local area such as installing a solar roof on a tennis court or retrofitting old buildings. Investing starts as low as 10 EUR, making the energy transition accessible for everyone and catalyzing change at a large scale.

The German team is composed of David Müller, Klemens Witte, Nicolas Maiwald, Karolina Stuhec-Meglic, Norbert Krain, Ulrich Botzenhardt, Irina Kohlrautz, and Robin Schmücker. Their idea is to encourage users to form local networks, thereby promoting green projects in their vicinity and pushing policymakers to put more resources into climate protection. 

The 2020 Stuttgart Climathon took place as a virtual hackathon jointly organized by seven German Impact Hubs. A total of 14 challenges focused on the themes of the shared economy, green influencers, mobility, citizen engagement, sustainable living, and more.

Following the event and a public vote, Green Invest clinched “The Most Transformative Idea” at the Global Climathon Awards in January 2021. This award recognises projects with the potential to create long-lasting societal and behavioural change. 

“It allows more people around the globe to invest. It reduces the barrier to entry.”
Sarah Sasaki Tsien, Head of Sustainability at Facebook.

“It was a really tough decision”, said Sarah Sasaki Tsien, Head of Sustainability Strategy at Facebook, after announcing the winner during the Climathon Awards, “but [Green Invest] takes this very successful crowdfunding idea and applies it in the sustainability context.”

The official launch of the Green Invest app is yet to be announced, but the concept behind the platform is as innovative as it is long overdue. The team has been working alongside Facebook’s Sustainability Team for the past six months to bring their solution to life and the highly motivated team from Stuttgart is certainly looking to deliver on that promise.

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