Registration for Climathon 2020 is open!

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Calling all change makers! 

EIT Climate-KIC is searching for municipalities, NGOs, community organisations, educational institutions and small businesses to help organise their city’s 2020 Climathon.

What is Climathon 2020?
Climathon is an empowering movement that offers a clear pathway to climate action, and the opportunity for cities and citizens to co-create answers to shared local climate challenges. 

At the core of this year-round programme is an ideathon powered by local organisers - the people who know their cities’ climate challenges the best.    

This year the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of our existing systems. Like climate change, it has acted as a threat multiplier, applying pressure on the most vulnerable populations and weakest sectors of the economy.

However, this is also an opportunity for cities and communities to let the green economy drive a resilient recovery of our society. It will be imperative that instead of defaulting to the status quo and the sway of powerful industries, we ‘build back better.’ More than ever, the power of innovation in cities should be leveraged to reinforce climate action in communities globally.

On 13 November 2020, hundreds of cities across the globe will come together - either virtually or in-person - for Global Climathon Day. Thousands of citizens will collaborate to raise climate awareness, disrupt the status quo, and rethink the future of how we produce, move, and consume.   

Our cities must be carbon neutral by 2030, and you can be the catalyst for change! 

As a local Climathon organizer, you can empower citizens and mobilize communities to make your city greener, cleaner and more liveable.

With the support of local partners, organisers will be responsible for coordinating a customised programme made up of three stages: warm-up events, the main ideathon, and follow-up activities that share ideas and maximise long-lasting impact.

All the way through, you can truly make the event your own. By creating a locally relevant challenge, getting partners on board and reaching out to the community, you can really put your own stamp on the programme and localise your event.

The power for change is in your community
The proven Climathon methodology and its global success story can also scale climate action in your community, strengthen your relationships with the city authorities and further develop your organisation’s profile.

All purpose-driven organisations are highly encouraged to apply, so long as they hold an office or have an employee living in the Climathon city. Priority will be given to those with a strong link to the city. 

Detailed information regarding the aspects of collaboration is explained in the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’, which must be signed upon registration. 

Climathon organizers ultimately enable their citizens, city and local economy to create tangible change through community projects, impact-driven start-ups and long-lasting conversations with key decision-makers.

The challenges faced by our planet are in-depth, complex, interrelated and intertwined. And solving these challenges requires more than the brilliance of a few - it takes the collaboration of many. 

The vision of hosting a Climathon is to bring together and link up a diverse collective of environmental activists, entrepreneurs, developers, and academicians, together with city officials and other major players in climate action, with the aim of combating climate change negative impacts and leveraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

Last year, 145 cities hosted Climathons across 56 countries and six continents. Over 6,500 hackers, leaders, students and entrepreneurs generated more than 600 ideas for some of the world’s toughest climate challenges. You can read more about their experiences here and here.  

With your efforts, EIT Climate-KIC can bring innovative and transformative climate solutions to more cities than ever before. 

Registration is officially open for city licenses – apply today and join us on the Climathon journey! 

Thanks to our global partners