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Through Climathon, EIT Climate-KIC, works with hundreds of independent people and organisations around the world to engage citizens to take active part in identifying and addressing existing climate challenges in their city, town or region.
It is our goal to become the most impactful citizen engagement community. We offer you the chance to support local climate action in cities, towns and regions across the world and a global platform for you to engage with changemakers, decisionmakers and future leaders. 

Why support Climathon?

Through strategic partnerships and donations of time and money partnerships and sponsorships allow us to advance our mission while supporting our growing community. By investing in Climathon you can maximise your climate action by being an active part of developing a better future for communities around the world.
To ensure that you get the most out of a partnership or sponsorship, we always work closely together with you to ensure that we can deliver bespoke activities based on your wishes and ideas.

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Climathon Zurich

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Climathons are exciting events, bursting with energy and great ideas. This is the perfect place to raise climate awareness, build and strengthen local ecosystems and start innovation and new projects.

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Climathon 2017 Zürich, Vorauswahl 02 (1)

“Amplify the impact of your climate action!”

Watch videos from previous Climathons

Stories from Climathon

Every Climathon is unique and will impact the local community in its own way. Anywhere from raising climate awareness to implementation of ideas for the future, Climathons have done it all. 

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Climathon Ghana

“Climate action by citizens”

Read the stories from Climathon

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600+ Organisers

Engaging local communities

200+ Cities

Committed to climate action

9000+ Participants

With ideas and drive

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