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Together we can make Sydney and the world a better place to live

How might we leverage data and technology to develop new solutions that improve Sydney’s resilience to heatwaves, by mitigating related impacts on economic, infrastructure, social and public health outcomes?


Metropolitan Sydney is one of the most diverse cities in the world with a population of close to 5 million people from 200 vibrant cultures. Our global city is known for the beauty of its natural environment and outdoor lifestyle, but it is struggling to maintain liveability and equity during a time of growth and change.

Sydneysiders are experiencing a range of chronic stresses such as lack of affordable housing and transport congestion, and need to be prepared for shock events such as heatwaves, storms and cyber-attacks.

To become connected, inclusive and resilient is a challenge every organisation and community in metropolitan Sydney must address to create a place of opportunity and wellbeing for everyone. 


Sydney: A Resilient City

Sydney: A Resilient City

How might we use temperature and precipitation data, together with any relevant open-source data, to better predict the Sydney localities most exposed to the adverse impacts of heatwaves, and develop innovative data-driven solutions to improve Sydney’s resilience to the adverse impacts?

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