3 Flagship Cities Hosting Topnotch Climathons

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Thousands of participants spanning five different continents are preparing to tackle local climate challenges on Global Climathon Day. This weekend, 60 cities will facilitate online ideathons to unite citizens and bring awareness to relevant climate issues. The Climathon Team has hand-selected three cities that will guarantee a great event!

1. Pasig City, Philippines

Pasig was the first city to host Climathon in the Philippines in 2019, and this year, will be joined by neighbouring Silang and Parañaque. With a 3-day programme packed with personal touches, Climathon Pasig City is ready to impress.

Climathon Challenge: How can we make food sustainable and accessible for all Pasigueños?

Programme Highlights: What differentiates Pasig from most Climathons is the programme duration: 72 hours of ideation! The organisers have a full line-up of more than 50 local influencers, including coaches, jury members, and even the Mayor of Pasig Vico Sotto. Not only can participants benefit from educational workshops centred on food security and urban agricultural innovation, but they can also attend wellness sessions such as morning yoga, quilling, and calligraphy.

Added Bonus: The winning team will get access to incubation, mentorship, and financial support to implement and pilot their solution in Pasig City.

Organiser Insight: “The most unique and special thing about what we are doing is the people. Everyone involved in Climathon Pasig is helping each other in every sense of the word. We have a term in Filipino called ‘Bayanihan’  which refers to a strong spirit of communal unity and cooperation. It is powerful when people come together as one, setting aside our differences and drive change to take climate action.” - Carla Mumar, Founder & CEO at SCALE Solutions

Local Partnerships: Climathon Pasig 2020 is organized by Future Proof PH and Scale Solutions, and is co-presented by Unionbank, through its UBP Xcellerator Program.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin will not be acting alone this year. In fact, the entire country will host a collective Climathon with seven joint cities. For the first time in Climathon history, local challenges can be taken to the national level. We expect big things to come out of Climathon Germany!

Climathon Challenge: A total of 14 challenges focused on the themes of the shared economy, green influencers, mobility, citizen engagement, sustainable living, and more.

Programme Highlights: A shared digital platform will enable participants from all over the country to come together for certain parts of the programme. The two-day event includes a series of skill-building workshops and a sparring session with mentors. After hours of ideating, teams will present their solutions in a pitching session on Saturday, 14 November. An in-depth jury selection process will follow, spanning the course of two weeks. The winner will be celebrated on 27 November during a virtual follow-up re-connecting all seven German Climathon cities.

Added Bonus: As teams collaborate on solutions to specific challenges, they will be accompanied and supported by coaches. In addition, participants will have access to experts at all times to ask questions and receive guidance.

Organiser Insights: “The climate crisis affects us all - regardless of geographic boundaries - and collaborative action across stakeholders is needed to combat climate change. Thus, this year, Impact Hub Berlin is uniting with the other six Impact Hubs across Germany to host the collaborative and nationwide Climathon Germany.” -Sophie Münzberg, Innovation Consultant at Impact Hub Berlin

Local Partnerships: All German Impact Hubs in Berlin, Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Essen; and more than 20 partners from the corporate sector, academia and city government.

3. Curitiba, Brazil

The second edition of Climathon Curibita will not only host a city challenge, but also a regional challenge for the State of Paraná. These challenges have been uniquely designed with the help of government officials and offer participants the opportunity to take climate action at the local or state level.

Climathon Challenge: The Curitiba challenge is to encourage and promote travel on foot and by bicycle in the city; and was created with support from the Working Group of the Municipal Plan for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change in Curitiba (PanClima).

The Paraná challenge, developed in conjunction with the Secretariat for Sustainable Development and Tourism of Paraná (Sedest), asks participants to create solutions for the prevention and the alert of extreme weather events for city and countryside residents.

Programme Highlights: For Climathon 2020, the city has organised an impressive team of partners and experts directly involved with the climate challenges posed. The 2-day event (13-14 November) will present a series of workshops on ideation, prototyping and pitching to help participants build and refine their ideas after more than 20 hours of co-creation. Following a 4-day evaluation, the winners will be announced live on 20 November, 7 p.m. (GMT-3).

Added Bonus: The three finalists of each challenge will be pre-incubated and supported by Impact Hub Curitiba and their partners. They will also have free access to the Impact Hub Curitiba coworking space, where they can work and develop their projects and connect with other entrepreneurs.

Organiser Insights: “This year, we built the challenges associated with climate working groups from local and state governments. They are based on real problems that will be prioritized in the coming years. For us, the biggest success will be the number of solutions that prove feasible to be applied.” - Rulian Maftum, Program Director at Impact Hub Curitiba

Local Partnerships: Impact Hub Curitiba

Climathon is an online event open to everyone who wants to actively participate in local climate challenges. Many events are still open for registration until Friday, 13 November.  

Thanks to our global partners