How can we create an edible city?

Zurich Climate Challenge Unsplash

In Zurich, space is a precious and finite good.

Many citizens are keen to get involved in urban farming activity and produce their own food. Yet, with limited space, it is not always possible to meet this desire. 

How can we create a restful, edible city and care for it as a self-organised community? 

Climathon 2019 in Zurich asked participants to focus on the combination of urban spaces and urban farming activities in a community-run system.

Imagine a world where everyone could be a farmer and a farm could be anywhere.

We can create a system for citizens and groups to use urban space for food production, and avoid conflicts between production and other claims and build a reliable, long lasting community-run system. 

Today, food production is possible in family gardens, community gardens and similar spaces specifically reserved for farming and gardening activities. However, we could use other spaces as well. For example, roofs, rest areas, and even grey spaces can be co-used for urban farming.

How can we bring together the citizens' needs and the requirements of the city? Moreover, how can citizen engagement in urban farming become a lasting and caring community-run system? 

Possible ideas could focus on: 

  • What are the needs of the citizens? How can we implement the needs? 
  • What are realistic spaces for co-using and what are the synergies in relation to climate, CO2, etc.? 
  • How do other cities approach this topic? 
  • What do these types of urban farming look like? What are the new forms of production? 
  • What does a sustainable community look like (organisation, self-organised, bottom up or top-down?) 


And the winning idea? See here...

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