Trondheim - Climathon 2019


Join Climathon Trondheim 2019 and co-create the energy future we want to live in!

Climathon Trondheim is a 24-hour climate hackathon on Global Climathon Day. We'd like to invite students, researchers, entrepreneurs and citizens to join and co-create innovative climate solutions for smart and sustainable Trondheim.

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Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, with about 197,000 innhabitants. Hosting prominent knowledge institutions such as the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and SINTEF, the biggest independent multidisciplinary research institution in Scandinavia, Trondheim is known as the technological capital of Norway.

Trondheim has a long tradition of environmental excellence and commitment. The Municipal Plan for Energy and Climate 2017-2030 aims for 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (1991 baseline). One of the main goals is to develop Trondheim into a smart and sustainable city where it is easy for the inhabitants to live environmentally friendly.

Trondheim and Limerick in Ireland are lighthouse cities in the EU H2020 smart city project +CityxChange (Positive City ExChange). NTNU is the project host and leads the consortium of 32 partners across Europe. The vision is to enable the co-creation of the future we want to live in. 

Let’s co-create the energy future we want to live in!

Through the +CityxChange project, Trondheim and the partners aim to become leading cities to integrate smart positive energy solutions. How can the quality of life be improved through the use of digital services, while more energy is produced than consumed at the scale of a neighbourhood?

How to engage our citizens in the co-creation of “positive energy districts”?

Europe aims for 100 “Positive Energy Districts” by 2025, and Trondheim has the ambition to establish three. We need our citizens onboard in order to succeed. How do we communicate the issues of energy to the citizens? How can we engage them to take an active role in this transition?

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Our Partners



Chin-Yu Lee

Project Manager, Climathon Trondheim 2019

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Bjørn Ove Berthelsen

Project Leader Lighthouse City Trondheim, +CityxChange

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