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Together we can make Turin and the world a better place to live!

Turin has been working for years to facilitate circular processes. Three years after the first cicrular economy climathon, our challenge aims at evaluating our current efforts and creating new circular opportunities. The challenge title is: Towards a circular city: how to close the loops?


In the last years Turin has been committed in a transition towards a new vision of industrial economy, focused on innovation and sustainability.

Turin is one of the signatory Italian cities of national Urban Agenda, a document focused on the development of the cities considering the eterogenity of urban areas, in particular taking into account the social and enviromental factors.

Climathon Turin wants to help the implementation of a Circular Economy city approach.
In this context the city offers many experiences to share, such as “Torino Living Lab – AxTO”, which aims to transform Torino in a Living Lab of technological and social innovation by offering to companies and start-ups  places for experimentation and prototyping in a “smart cities” perspective.

In the city area and Region we are specialized in: ecobuilding, textile, electronics, food industry, automotive and mobility, plastics and packaging. These areas are the ones we would like to get more and more circular.

Towards a circular city: How to close the loops?

These circulary challenges are waiting to be solved by you! Help Turin with new solutions to minimise the use of natural resources and waste production. Key sectors are: food industry, automotive+mobility, eletronics, eco-building, plastic+packaging, textile: what's yours?

Towards a circular city: How to close the loops?

Towards a circular city: How to close the loops?

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