Vilnius - Climathon 2019


Together we can make Vilnius and the world a better place to live.

Climathon is a fast-paced global 48-hour challenge, taking place simultaneously in over 100 cities around the world. Climathon has since taken off as a global movement, engaging citizens on climate action - and providing cities with continued support on the unique challenges they face.


Turn your vision for the city of a future into a reality by working together with developers, entrepreneurs, or students to find innovative city solutions and win support. Join us at Vilnius Tech Park with an existing idea or simply work on a new solution with an inspiring team. Experts and mentors will support your team during the 48 hours in finding the best solutions to the challenges.


These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you!

How businesses and their customers could work together towards saving the environment?

How businesses can endorse and evaluate their customers' involvement towards climate and environmental crisis prevention?

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How can we improve our daily journeys and battle the ever-growing amount of privately owned vehicles

The number of cars in Vilnius is increasing - can we think of solutions to help citizens commute easier, greener and more efficiently?

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How can we reduce the amount of food waste in Lithuania?

We are looking for smart solutions to decrease (or eliminate) the food waste in Lithuania. Can you help us solve this problem?

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How can we use energy in the more efficient manner?

Energy efficiency solutions for private households

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How can we collect our waste in a smarter, more efficient way?

Think of some smart, perhaps rewarding ways to help citizens recycle more and do it in a smarter way

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