Warsaw - Climathon 2019


Warsaw together for the climate!

Activists, scientists, students, volunteers, Warsaw residents and many other people for whom the future of the Globe is important, join their forces on that day to protect the wellbeing of the planet! Join the Climathon and do something for Warsaw and the whole world!


Warsaw is capital and the largest city of Poland. High energy consumption and a huge amount of plastic waste are only some of the challenges which Warsaw is facing right now. This year we will attempt to respond to the needs of our city and create projects for its better future.

Water, plastic and energy – these are the topics of this year’s Climathon in Warsaw. If you have an idea how to utilize rainwater, decrease the demand for plastic or if you know how to limit energy consumption – please join us! Climathon is an event bringing together creative people who jointly want to change their environment for better. Two days of activities, collaboration and creating solutions to the pressing climate problems of the capital.


These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

How to reduce energy consumption in Warsaw?

Warsaw is the largest city in Poland, so no one will be surprised that it uses a lot of energy. Reducing the demand in a fast-growing city is a big challenge.

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Less plastic waste in Warsaw

Have you ever thought how many plastic bags, bottles and other items we use every day? “A LOT” hardly covers it! How to reduce the amount of plastic waste in Warsaw? This is a real challenge!

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