Wellington - Climathon 2019


Maintaining our title as Best City in the World!

Wellington may be the best place in the world to live in (Deutsche Bank, 2017), but we are not isolated from the challenges ahead of us that a changing climate provide. Create new, sustainable businesses to make our city even more awesome!

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Climathon Wellington is the place where you come to learn about Wellingtons Challenges and team up with other bright minds to create solutions.

A fast paced 24 hours to muck in, collaborate with new people and extend your networks globally, learn new skills to challenge your thinking and push your ideas into action.

  • Friday evening 25th October - Saturday evening 26th October
  • We'll keep you fed, inspired and primed to be brilliant.
  • This is a free event - thanks to the amazing support of our awesome sponsors!

We have a range of support packages to suit a variety of ideas during and after the Climathon! Build and test an idea during the 24 hour event, then pitch to access the continued support.

For specific details on the event, tickets and prizes, check out our website - www.climathon.nz

(please note that you can get valid tickets for the hackathon from our website)


These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

Wellington's Great Challenges of 2019

If you have an idea to reduce carbon emissions, build resilience to climate change in Wellington, or want to use your skills on projects that can, you need to be at Climathon Wellington. See more and sign up at www.climathon.nz

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