Organise a Climathon

Anyone with the drive to raise climate awareness, strengthen local ecosystems and inspire further climate action and projects can be a Climathon organiser.
Being a Climathon organiser is an extraordinary experience, but also a big commitment. EIT Climate-KIC are here to support you on your Climathon journey, through our materials, guides and community of experienced organisers.
If you are considering becoming a Climathon organiser then read below to find out how you bring Climathon to your city, town or region. 

What is Climathon?

Climathon is orchestrated by EIT Climate-KIC and run independently by organisations with knowledge of local ecosystems in hundreds of cities, towns and regions across the globe.

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We are here to help you

EIT Climate-KIC and our community of organisers are here to help you organise your Climathon. We provide a dedicated city website, Playbook, promotion material, access to the Climathon community and our guide to citizen engagement. On top of this you will also have direct access to webinars and trainings provided by a Climathon Orchestrator from EIT Climate-KIC.

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What are your responsibilities?

Being a Climathon organiser is a rewarding experience, but it also requires effort and commitment. With support of EIT Climate-KIC and our community of organisers, it is your responsibility to organise the Climathon on the ground. This means that you will have to secure a venue, design the program (using Climathons guide), invite and engage people and partners and ensure proper follow-up. 

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Organiser toolbox

Downloadable resources to help you succeed with your Climathon.

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