Satellite and IoT Data combination in the context of Smart Cities

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Smart City is a term describing comprehensive development concepts aimed at making cities more efficient, technologically advanced, greener, and more socially inclusive.

esearch shows that Urbanization is a non-ending phenomenon and top 600 urban centers will generate 60% of global GDP by 2025. This pushes the need for smart city to maintain and manage Environmental, social, and economic sustainability. 

Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) to accelerate the digital transformation journey of the cities and their communities:

-        connecting devices across existing carrier network infrastructures (whether new or legacy);

-        managing potentially large volumes of fast-moving data across wide networks spanning edge to cloud;

-        real-time analytics;

-        providing valuable insights to the life in a city.

In context of the Internet of Things, most urban environments are already equipped with sensors that make all captured data available in the cloud. 

A game changer is the publicly availability of satellite data.

Find opportunities that take advantage of the combination of both, satellite and IoT data to lift isolated applications from individual Smart City initiatives to truly connected Smart Regions, Smart Countries and beyond.

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