CO2 footprint planning and optimization

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Sustainability in general, and carbon footprint transparency in particular is certainly a very hot topic today and even more so in the next future. Companies will try to differentiate here, and governments will impose further regulations.

While some CO2 data can be generically derived from certain hardware use (e.g., car/truck fleets) it is currently not easy to exactly measure CO2 emissions directly. This being essentially an IoT challenge, it would be interesting to know how easy we can make it to supply CO2 sensors from partners and build up a data pipe into the Cloud where data viz and optimization can be coordinated. CO2 footprint optimization can also be an asset planning topic that might be managed using Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and Device Management.


  • Step 1: connect both, satellite data and data from metering stations (e.g., Sensor Community), with IoT Cloud.
  • Step 2: identify discrepancy and define ecologically worthwhile thresholds.
  • Step 3: define optimization criteria

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