How to make clothes that are lying unworn in our wardrobe gain new social value?

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Everybody has unutilised clothes that could foster noble practices, both regarding economic and social sustainability. Together, we can turn clothing waste into a fresh resource, starting from our wardrobe.

Challenge description

The challenge originates from the pressing need to reduce clothing waste by elaborating on recycling and re-use practices. Pre-existing local associations that gather old clothes in and around Carpi have been encountering increasing obstacles in dealing with growing amounts of low-quality textile waste, hardly reusable for any purpose, which often ends up in landfills without being able to be put back in the system. 

Rifò's experience

To fight this phenomenon we should first of all reduce the amount of clothes we buy, choose better quality garments when we can’t avoid buying them and transform old ones into renewed and still fashionable items that we could keep wearing for a much longer time. 

In addition, we need to find new and more efficient ways to deal with the still great amount of good quality clothes and textiles, which sometimes can’t help lying down in warehouses without a new purpose for their life.

Rifò, who is already collaborating in the management and transformation of old clothes, will offer to the participants an innovative and creative approach to start seeing this challenge as an opportunity. We will imagine new employments for unworn clothes and find different ways to re-use good as well as low quality garments, in order to reduce waste and generate new social value from these underutilised products.

Challenge vision

The challenge will address people with expertise in social sciences, economics, law, business, art, fashion, marketing, engineering and other relatable backgrounds. Given the present state of things in our local reality, the main aim is to critically undertake the constant waste of clothing.

For example, ideas could focus on

  • how to effectively collect or redistribute clothes from donors. This would support a comprehensive understanding of how the second-hand distribution chain is working locally;
  • how to transform different types of garments so as to make them fashionable again and reusable for a longer time;
  • ideating new business models that might focus on reuse and recycling;
  • the creative modifications and transformation processes you could apply in order to renew old products;
  • how to involve citizens in the making of new solutions for reusing and regenerating clothes


This challenge will be actively supported by Rifò and Codesign Toscana.

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