How do I make my city "cooler"?

More greenery and open areas where rainwater can seep away will lead to a better micro-climate in the city. We humans feel more comfortable and a more diverse habitat can be created for animals and plants. How can people in Basel be motivated to bring more greenery into the city in the long term on their own properties and in semi-public spaces and to unseal areas? What can companies and entrepreneurs do and how?

Hot and increasingly dry summers are a problem for people, animals and plants in Basel. Buildings, soil sealing, gravel gardens lead to heat islands and reduce ventilation.

As a result, the city can hardly cool down at night.

More greenery and rainwater seepage on unsealed surfaces in our city can significantly and directly improve the quality of life.

The canton of Basel-Stadt has already taken various measures to improve the urban climate in public spaces. In this challenge, we are therefore looking for approaches to discover and activate the great and often untapped potential for more green space on private and company premises. What incentives can be created? What can landowners do and how can they be motivated?

A "cool" city is above all green. The best thing is that more green fulfils many functions at once: It improves the microclimate and thus the well-being of city dwellers, increases the diversity of plants and animals, promotes neighbourhood, e.g. when gardening in urban areas and people like to be outside.

Rainwater can seep away more easily in natural areas and trees provide shade on hot summer days. Water can of course also be collected in basins or ponds and can be experienced by children, for example.

Where could there be more green and unsealed areas?

In your own semi-public environment, in the backyard, garden, front garden, in borders, on the roof or balcony, on the facades of company premises and company car parks, in the vicinity of shops and businesses, etc.

Be part of Climathon Basel 2020 and contribute with your ideas and knowledge!

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