«Less waste – more respect»

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Day after day, large quantities of disposable packaging are simply left lying around in public places, plants and on the banks of the Rhine - wasting raw materials and labour on cleaning every day. How can we persuade Basel residents to dispose of their waste correctly on the one hand, and to reduce their waste production in general on the other, and to show more respect for the city cleaning services and their employees?

Our lifestyle goes hand in hand with a high consumption of resources and a constantly increasing amount of waste. Consumption on the move in particular is making a considerable contribution to this.

Countless disposable packaging items are simply left lying around in public places every day instead of being taken back or disposed of correctly. This waste not only affects the cityscape and pollutes the environment, it wastes natural resources and a lot of money on cleaning. For example, 1 cigarette butt pollutes around 1,000 litres of drinking water.

The employees of Stadtreinigung receive little or no appreciation. Their daily cleaning and clearing up work is often taken for granted.

In order to reduce the waste of consumption on the road, there are already solutions such as the reusable take-away boxes or coffee mugs from reCIRCLE. The availability and accessibility of such solutions is to be further developed and supplemented by further ideas in this challenge.

However, deposit solutions and fines require new laws and regulations and should therefore not be pursued further in this context.

We are looking for solutions for waste reduction that are suitable for everyday use and can be implemented quickly. We also welcome ideas that contribute to the appreciation and respect for the city cleaning service and its employees as well as to the appreciation of waste-free places where we like to spend time.

A city without waste would not only be good for the environment and climate, but also an expression of respect for our common living space.

What could we do in Basel to quickly and easily get away from environmental pollution and impairment of the cityscape? What practical ways are there to raise awareness and appreciation for the freedom of packaging and recycling management and to make correct solutions attractive and achievable?

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