An upgrade for Basel - How do we make urban transport even greener?

Basel has a very good infrastructure in terms of mobility (trams, buses, etc.) and supply network (electricity, heating, drinking water etc.) - some of which is visible, others rather hidden. How do we manage to enrich this existing infrastructure with additional innovative uses? How do we make existing infrastructure even more ecological by upgrading it? Examples such as the waste disposal tram from Zurich or the Basel well heaters show us: multiple use is diverse and is exciting in any case!

Ticket machines where parking tickets can be purchased, fine dust sensors that have been on the BVB trams or sensors that display free electric car parking spaces in real time - "upgrades" for multiple use are already available at some locations in Basel. Some of those implemented upgrades make life more pleasant, but not necessarily more ecological. We therefore want to go one step further and expand the urban transport infrastructure with innovative ecological ideas.

It is not a question of abolishing or replacing what already exists (e.g. electric buses instead of diesel or gas buses). It is a question of supplementing what is currently available, combining it with smart future-oriented solutions, adding to it or using it as an alternative.

Drämmli and Co - an overview of the infrastructure around which the challenge revolves:
- Trams
- Buses
- Ticket machines
- Stops
- Public parking spaces
- E-charging stations
- Street lamps
- Fountains
- Power boxes
- Activatable temporary power connections (market stands)

The vision is simple: by combining existing elements of urban transport with new ones, we contribute to a more resource-efficient mobility and supply infrastructure.

Infrastructure upgrades may be radically innovative and unconventional, in line with "thinking out of the box". Examples of the direction in which this could go:

- Could buses equipped with cameras contribute to the automatic detection of vacant parking spaces (and thus get cars looking for a parking space off the road more quickly)?

- Could a cargo tram, like the one in Zurich, free Basel from bulky goods or load goods?

- Could the energy consumption of public transport during the journey be communicated to passengers in an informative and appealing way (how many cars would have to be driving at the moment to transport us all)?

- Could e-cars be charged via street lamps or via the tram network?

The resulting concepts should be
- feasible (are you ready for a pilot project?)
- innovative (wow-effect!)
- ecological (efficiency, resource conservation, awareness raising)
- naturally closely linked to the mobility and supply network of Basel-Stadt

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