Making charging stations easily accessible to speed up the transition to electromobility

Charging station

Electrification of individual mobility

Background :

Today, road transport is almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels and is responsible for more than a quarter of Switzerland's CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Electric mobility can make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and air pollutants. In 2019, one out of every two people in Switzerland stated that they would like to buy an electric car within the next three years. This is an encouraging figure for the development of the electric vehicle in a favourable current context (mature technologies, a growing catalogue of models on offer, subsidies, lower running costs than internal combustion vehicles, reduced environmental impact). However, in 2020, only 8.2% of new passenger car registrations were electric vehicles. So how can we accelerate the transition to electromobility?

There are many obstacles to the mass adoption of electric cars in Switzerland. The most important are: price, i.e. the high purchase cost of electric vehicles; range, i.e. the insufficient range offered by electric vehicles for certain uses; and infrastructure, i.e. the insufficient density of charging stations on the public highway and the difficulty for tenants of a flat to have a charging station at their place of residence. This challenge will propose to focus on this last obstacle, the infrastructure.
Not having access to a charging solution is indeed a major obstacle to the transition to electromobility. How to facilitate the installation and access to charging stations? One possible approach is to guide the various users towards existing tools, information services or advice on electric recharging stations (e.g. the SFOE's, the TCS's eCharge application). Funding mechanisms can also be devised, as well as new offers and services.

Expected results (from the participants):

Climathon participants are invited to devise mechanisms, tools and services to facilitate access to charging stations to accelerate the transition to electromobility.

The aim will be to raise awareness, guide and promote the transition to electromobility for individuals, companies and local authorities with solutions aimed at raising awareness, but also through tools, incentive platforms, financing models or new services.

The questions below may help to move forward in the reflection, but participants should feel free to explore ideas they consider most relevant:

  • How can users be informed and guided about the installation and use of charging points?
  • How can stakeholders and users (local authorities, businesses, landlords, tenants) be guided towards charging point offers that are adapted to their needs?
  • What are the shortcomings of the recharging network (poor coverage of rural areas, lack of availability) and how can they be remedied?
  • What new services and offers can be proposed (installation of recharging stations when buying an electric vehicle, offer to supply electricity from renewable sources)?
  • What new disruptive business models could emerge?
  • Which pricing model should be applied (standardised or not)? Which means of payment should be used (e.g. application)?
  • What financing models for the installation of charging stations could be considered?
  • What are the prospects for improving existing tools/applications? One can imagine the implementation of a reservation system, the possibility of exchanging data between recharging systems, the identification of smart charging points.


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