SiSFoDiP : Simple Solutions for Difficult Problems

One mobile application for use across Switzerland allowing individuals to track their electricity data in real time, receive behavioral nudges, and work toward energy saving $ at the end of the month

With our application Sisfodip that can be used on smart mobiles and other smart devices, Swiss residents across the country will be able to view their electricity usage over time in an understandable and standardised format. Based on anonymised data, a user will also be able to view their consumption level relative to their neighbours within a 1 km radius. They will see whether they are below or above the median level of consumption, in an eye-catching image (such as an animated smiley face or sad face), and their percentile ranking (e.g. top 10 percentile). This creates a sense of friendly competition within quartiers and we propose that the government also organise highly energised, yearly competitions between quartiers or cantons to create solidarity toward collective emission objectives. Through the app, individuals will also receive specific suggestions on how to improve their consumption habits, through their behaviour and through new appliances or home improvements. The data will also allow households to work together in large groups to be represented on the energy market. Through the app, a trader will represent the aggregated households and provide advice. Households can choose to follow the advice (e.g. balancing generation and consumption) and reduce their energy bills. The remuneration for the trader is a percentage of the realized savings. By balancing the grid, the end use of energy and materials is reduced (less batteries, diesel generators, etc.) The application will be provided at the same time as the smart meter installations as part of one package deal. The application will be provided alongside the installation of the smart meters as a package deal and as a condition for accessing the subsidies. Whether you’re running your stove and laptops for a climathon or sitting around a christmas dinner table next to your radiator, you will be empowered and have ownership of your contribution to the Swiss Net Zero emission goal, 2050.



Team 3b - SiSFoDiP

Andrea choi, Maya Kihiu, Stijn Nefkens, Inès ratsimalahelo

Promoting the potential of Smart Meters data

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