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The social enterprise that offers you a personalised service, relieves the environment and your bills without any effort on your par

How can you reduce your environmental impact without having to worry about your bill? Did you know that you can save money with a simple text message? Smart Meters Services (SMS) acts as a Social Profit Enterprise, a company whose social objective (reducing carbon footprint) is the reason for the business action. It reinvests the profit made (notably generated by the diagnostics and potential complementary services) to offer its basic service at a very attractive and affordable price for all households, including the most modest.

Our Idea: to offer an Energy Transition Consulting and Management Service for individuals (but also utilities and small and medium companies) who manage the data received by Smart Meters for the customer. This offer allows the customer to have a detailed and real-time mapping of his consumption sources:
to optimise their consumption

  • to reduce their electricity bills initially and potentially their energy bills in the medium term (between 5 and 10%)
  • to reduce their carbon footprint (between 2% in summer and 20% in winter depending on the scenario)

In addition, we provide our customers with a Smart Meters data platform and texpert advice, in order to raw data transcribed into a load curve and in a language that everyone can understand (savings in francs, reduction of CO2 emissions).



3a SMS

Nous sommes une équipe de 3 personnes au profil bien différent mais réunie autour de notre passion pour la gestion durable de l'environment et visant à promouvoir des solutions concrètes et économiques pour la réalisation des objectifs environmentaux de l'agenda Suisse 2050. Aurore Corredoira, Federico Nizzi & Maxime Zufferey
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