Increasing the rate of building renovations

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Accelerate the speed at which Switzerland's real estate stock is being renovated and thereby reduce the associated energy consumption faster than is currently the case.

Background :

Switzerland's real estate stock is responsible for a large part of the country's energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Renovating buildings is therefore a priority to reduce our energy dependency and CO2 emissions. This is all the more true since technologies are widely available to achieve this and/or to switch to renewable energies. However, the annual renovation rate is currently below 1% and should be multiplied by 4 to allow for the renovation of the entire fleet within a timeframe compatible with Switzerland's energy strategy and international agreements.

The current context is particularly favorable for energy renovations: subsidies, very low interest rates, money that earns almost nothing in the banks. In addition, the technologies are known, mature and available and the legislation could very well be strengthened if the new CO2 law is accepted. So what are the brakes on renovations? A study carried out for the energy department of the Canton of Vaud lists a series of obstacles to explain this lack of progress: tenancy law, the work authorization procedure, the housing market situation, financing conditions, the attitude of owners and managers, the risk associated with renovation, or the lack of knowledge of the building program and the complexity of the procedures.


Expected results (from participants):

The participants of the Climathon are invited to imagine mechanisms, tools and services to promote the increase of the rate of building renovation. It will be a question of convincing and pushing to act the individuals, the PPE, the collectivities or the authorities. How could we ensure that the money available in the form of subsidies is used better and faster?

The questions below may help, but participants should feel free to explore further:

  • What barriers are most applicable to certain types of owners or stakeholders?
  • Developing a specific solution for a particular sector?
  • What cognitive biases could be used?
  • How can support programs be better publicized and convinced?
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