Boosting the energy transition by snowball effect

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Encouraging individuals, communities or businesses to take action on the theme of energy transition by using good examples and digital tools available to promote the implementation and replication of these good examples.

Background :
The energy transition requires a whole range of actors and decision-makers to be set in motion. For example, it is necessary to stimulate the right choices when making purchases (energy renovation, electric cars, household appliances, etc.), because the returns on investment are known, the technologies mature and the products available on the market. We can find some beautiful examples of achievements (Clean Consumption Group, solar cooperative, energy producing and/or autonomous house, run-of-river energy production plant, waste methanization plant, etc.). That being said, we do not see to date a snowball effect of these examples on the rest of the citizens and other consum'actors, and this despite the highlighting of some nice examples during TV shows (for example the work done by the association Aujourd'hui, or the film Demain).

There are many known obstacles to explain the failure of decision-makers and citizens to act (for example, risk-taking, the complexity of the process or access to the necessary funds). One of the factors is not wanting to embark on something new, which is not under control. Highlighting good practices and good examples is one possible approach to motivate others to take action.

In addition, we know the power of digital tools to disseminate messages, personalize campaigns or analyze behaviors. Combining with nudges, these cognitive biases that concern us all, there is certainly a potential to speed up decision making and energy transition by promoting action and the reproduction of good examples.

Expected results (from participants):

Climathon participants are invited to imagine mechanisms, tools and services to promote action by highlighting good examples using nudges and digital tools. Participants are invited to create a real communication, awareness and action campaign, which can integrate different types of tools (a guerrilla marketing concept, visuals, a communication concept, different tools, communication materials, guides or an interactive platform).

The questions below may help to progress in the reflection, but participants should feel free to explore further.

  • What are good examples to highlight?
  • How can they be presented and discussed?
  • Who are the target people and what digital tools can be used to reach them?
  • What cognitive biases could be used?
  • What data could be used to raise awareness among the different actors?
  • What social behaviors can be influenced?
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