Imagine the role of the Transports publics lausannois in 2030

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Details of the challenge will be published on January 22nd

Background :

Cities are major emitters of greenhouse gases, and it is in cities that the effects of global warming are felt the most. In this context, new initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions are being implemented by both public and private entities in areas such as waste treatment, heating and building renovation or mobility.

As far as mobility is concerned, current trends seem to tell us that in the future internal combustion vehicles should disappear in favour of electric vehicles. Cycling and public transport could could be more attractive, and pedestrian areas should develop.

Description of the challenge

As Lausanne Public Transport celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, La Ruche (the tl innovation platform) is interested in your perception of the role that public transport could play in 2030 to meet the environmental challenges in the future. How do you imagine your journeys in the Lausanne region in 10 years' time? What do you think the life of an inhabitant and the role of public transport in his or her daily life might look like? Will the objective of public transport still be to transport people or will it have to develop new offers to meet other missions, other societal and/or environmental needs? What could be the role of public transport?

One thing is certain, today, more than ever, we must give more room to reflection and the creation of imaginary worlds. We talk about environmental issues, but we rarely analyse their impact on our everyday life, our culture, our social interactions, the way we travel and work.

Thus, on 12 and 13 February 2021, the participants in the Lausanne Climathon will work for 24 hours on imaginary worlds of the future and the ecological transition, in the form of a narrative: In a collaborative way, the participants will imagine futuristic worlds, characters and elements triggering change. To guide them throughout this unique exercise, they will be accompanied by coaches, experts, writing coaches and illustrators. They will be helped and supported to "think differently" and thus imagine the role that public transport in the Lausanne region should play in 2030 to meet the environmental challenges of the future.

Expected results (from the participants):

In groups of 4-6 people, and based on the life of a person living in Lausanne in 2030, the participants will give a certain vision of the city, mobility needs and how to move around in Lausanne, including the role of public transport in dealing with the climate emergency.

The participants will try to imagine the city positively in 2030. Through a narrative, a story, they will talk about what will have changed, the evolution of society, human interactions and mobility. Beyond their creativity, the participants commit themselves to respect certain principles:

  • The story must be positive ;
  • The proposed stories must be realistic. On the other hand, participants can draw inspiration from existing social and technological trends. (For example, it cannot be said that telekinesis will enable people to move from one place to another) ;
  • Technology can be part of the solution, the vision, the story, but it alone cannot solve future mobility issues ;
  • In the narrative, participants must address the role of public transport in the lives of the inhabitants ;
  • Participants must respect the fact that we have only one planet with limited resources.

In front of the jury, participants will present the result of their reflection in the form of a short story, a narrative, a story that they can, if they wish, illustrate or complete in various ways:

  • Drawings/illustrations
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Sound environment
  • Travel concepts
  • Travel offers
  • Newspaper headlines
  • Radio spot
  • Front page of a newspaper
  • News of the day



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Future perspectives

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