Discovering Valais agriculture and its products through leisure activities

Abricots Valais

To inform and support consumers about the regional agri-food chain through the development of commercial activities associated with leisure in the Valais.

Context :

The information concerning agriculture and food processing is multiple and sometimes contradictory or incomplete. A better understanding of local agri-food production would make it possible to (re)discover and promote the products and work of regional actors, and to review our current consumption patterns, for example by promoting proximity. This would also bring the producer closer to the consumer, and ensure that the latter better understands the issues of the former. 

An effective way of raising consumer awareness is to confront them with the reality of the agri-food chain in the form of experiences, meetings and exchanges with regional players. There are a few initiatives that allow people to discover the products and environment of Valais food producers in an entertaining way: FoodTrail, Travelise, etc. However, these offers remain limited and are mainly aimed at tourists.

How can visitors and inhabitants in the Canon of Valais be encouraged to reconnect with local agriculture and its products through recreational activities?

What types of commercial activities linked to leisure activities would enable people to immerse themselves in the world of Valais food production?


Expected results (from the participants):

Participants in the Climathon are invited to think about activities, tools and services related to leisure that raise awareness of the reality of the regional agri-food chain.

The questions below can help to think about it, but participants should feel free to explore the avenues they consider most relevant:

  • What projects and activities could be attractive to tourists and inhabitants of the Valais?
  • What new offers would be relevant for producers and consumers?
  • How can Valais actors and their products be integrated into leisure activities?
  • How can we raise awareness among citizens about the ways of working in the agricultural sector?
  • How can information be transmitted in an impactful and entertaining way?
  • How to encourage changes in consumption (e.g. proximity) through leisure activities?


Tips  to explore :

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