Encouraging and helping tenants to accelerate their energy transition

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How can an energy distributor help tenants with their energy transition ?

Background :

Private households are responsible for more than a quarter of Switzerland's energy needs each year (FSO 2019) and their energy consumption must be almost halved by 2050 compared to today. They therefore play a key role as energy consumers in the Energy Strategy 2050. There are already a number of offers and incentive mechanisms for the energy transition, such as the building renovation programme or subsidies for renewable energies. However, these offers are mainly aimed at homeowners and remain limited for tenants. Tenants are therefore often dependent on the choices made by property owners. In Switzerland, more than half of all homes are occupied by tenants (40.4% in Valais) with extremes such as Geneva 81.2% and Basel 84.5%). So how can an energy distributor help tenants make the energy transition?

The National Energy Research Programme recently published a study which proposes fifteen recommendations for a successful energy transition. According to the study, Switzerland has the ideal technical and financial conditions for a successful energy transition. So what are the key elements missing from the energy transition? In addition to new technologies, infrastructure and effective regulations, the transition requires incentives to encourage voluntary behavioural changes. The challenge is therefore no longer technical, but one of social innovation and the ability to convince individuals to adopt energy-efficient lifestyles. How can we replace our habits with new ones and adopt less energy-consuming behaviour? How can we help tenants in their energy transition and make it easier for them to take action? For example, it is possible to encourage energy savings through flexible and dynamic electricity pricing or to encourage the switch to electric mobility by installing charging stations. What other offers from an energy distributor could be imagined?


Expected results (from the participants): 

The participants in the Climathon are invited to imagine offers, services and tools that would allow to promote and accelerate the energy transition of a tenant. The aim will be to inform and guide tenants and private households towards courses of action, in particular the tools and solutions available on the market. But also through incentive mechanisms, financing models or new services offered by an energy distributor. 

The questions below may help to advance the reflection, but participants should feel free to explore the avenues they consider most relevant. 

  • Which barriers to energy transition apply most to a tenant?
  • How can we identify the people who are ready to initiate a change? 
  • How can we direct these people to relevant offers to support them in this change? 
  • How to raise awareness of support programmes and good examples?
  • What participatory or co-financing mechanisms for renewable energy sources could be devised?
  • What social-psychological influencing factors can bring about changes in behaviour and habits?
  • What new offers could be made by an energy distributor to encourage the tenant to save energy?


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