How can we move towards a car free Zurich?

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Motorized individual transport does not only take up a lot of space, but also negatively affects the quality of life in Zurich as well as considerably contributes to climate change. How can we change this, reduce car traffic and free up space for a green and lively Zurich?


Zurich is growing, more and more people live and work here. The demand for transportation is increasing, but space is limited and hence precious. Motorized individual transport causes frequent accidents, pollution, noise and a non-efficient use of space. If we manage to reduce car traffic considerably, we can free up space to create green strolling zones, that invite to take long walks, to meet and hang out. 

As part of its strategy ‘Stadtverkehr 2025’ the city of Zurich seeks to increase the share of public transport, cycling and pedestrian traffic and to reduce CO2 emissions as well as initiated various mobility management activities. It is crucial that people are motivated to not use a car and as a consequence of this to reduce car traffic overall in order to move towards clean and sustainable mobility in the city.


Creating ideas and solution how we can inspire people to use other creative mobility options and innovative infrastructure and ultimately free Zurich from cars. Possible levers to be addressed are:

  • How can citizens be convinced that a car is not needed in the city?
  • How can commuters be motivated to use other mobility options to come to their working place?
  • How can visitors be inspired to explore and experience Zurich’s mobility options instead of taking the car?


Ideas and solutions can be on the level of town planning by shortening distances to shops, offices and schools. They can also be on how to nudge citizens to change their behaviour and habits by making alternative transport more attractive or how to optimize smart mobility in and around Zurich.

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