In the context of climate emergency and Covid19: What climate solutions can we implement together, tomorrow?

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"Climate action now", shortly summarizes what this challenge is about: citizens and our city finding timely solutions to issues related to climate change and simultaneously taking into account the repercussions of Covid19.


To reach climate protection goals, measures against climate change need to be taken immediately. Any action, project or campaign that speeds up climate protection is desirable. However, with regard to climate protection in the light of Covid19, some fundamental positive and negative "shifts" are conceivable and ongoing. For instance, more car use due to hygiene considerations; more commuting with bikes; more regional travel and healthy nutrition, etc. 

To start out with, please take into account, which consequences Covid19 might have on different climate-relevant topics like travel, nutrition, consumption, energy supply, heating and others, which you deem relevant. From there, which solutions can fast forward positive and reduce negative climate repercussions? Or put differently: How can we use Covid19 and its consequences as a model or narrative to foster climate-friendly behaviour and solutions?


"Fast forward, fast impact" with current affairs in mind.

Solutions should take into account the environmental, social, economic, and health-related challenges of our time. They should reflect smart thinking, design or technology to create a campaign, an app, a network, a physical space or a product. In addition, if possible, the solutions integrate existing City of Zurich formats like "Klimapavillon", "#MehrZuerichWenigerCO2", and others.

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Please see attached document "Climathon Challenge UGZ – additional information" studies on the interrelation of Covid19 and climate change relevant topics.

Covid-19 and the climate emergency (only in German)

Covid-19 and the climate emergency Additional infos - Climate Action Now Challenge

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