How can we make sustainable food accessible for all citizens of Zurich?

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Food is an important driver for climate change. A change in our daily diets is much needed to protect the environment. However, sustainable food is often seen as too expensive, time consuming and too much of an effort. We need a solution to make sustainable food accessible for every citizen of Zurich.


To reach climate protection goals, measures against climate change need to be taken immediately. Food consumption causes one third of the environmental pollution of our consumption. It is among other things responsible for 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, 40 percent of global land use and 70 percent of freshwater use. A shift towards a more sustainable diet would lighten the pressure on the planetary boundaries.

Often, sustainable food is associated with high costs, time consumption and effort. Therefore, people are not willing to adapt to a more sustainable diet or think they do not have the resources to do so.

A solution to show the citizens of Zurich that sustainable food does not need to be time consuming or come with high costs is needed. Think of daily situations where consumers might choose the not so sustainable option due to money or time reasons. I.e. grabbing a quick lunch at a fast-food chain or buying cheap products with high environmental impacts. Develop a solution to the problem and help the citizens of Zurich see that sustainable food can be affordable, quick and easily accessible.


Making sustainable food accessible to citizens of Zurich regardless of their living condition.

Solutions could focus on:

  • the assumed high costs of sustainable food
  • the identification of affordable and at the same time sustainable meals
  • the decreased time spent in the kitchen
  • the different ways to get a quick and sustainable meal


Solutions can come in the form of a campaign, a network, an app or a product.

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