Climathon Ferrara 2020

14 Nov 2020 - 15 Nov 2020

The city after tomorrow!

Training for Climathon

The Climathon Ferrara 2020 started in September with a series of online webinars and online workshops in preparation for the event. This path aims to inform and give the participants useful tools and knowledge to realize an idea consistent with the needs of the city of Ferrara.

Webinars and workshops will address two types of goals: the first structural (webinars) about environmental issues, calling to speak experts, professionals, and institutions ready to share their ideas; the second (workshops) on how to build a business plan and a business model canvas.

This is the list of the webinars and workshop scheduled within the "Landscape Metropolis" project:

On Thursday 10 September the Landscape Metropolis project organized the first webinar on Urban Regeneration and stakeholder involvement to improve the quality of life and spaces starting from landscape infrastructure. The speakers were Matteo Lepore (Councillor of the Municipality of Bologna), Sabina De Luca (a member of the Assembly of the Forum Disuguaglianze e Diversità), together with Elly Schlein (vice-president of the Emilia-Romagna Region). The webinar was chaired by the architect Sergio Fortini, from CCCC.

The second webinar is entitled "Measuring air quality to improve the city", with talks by Ivano Battaglia (Lab Service Analytica) and Paolo Veronesi (ARPAE), chaired by Piergiorgio Cipriano (Dedagroup Public Services).  The webinar will be opened by Alessandro Balboni, Councillor of the Municipality of Ferrara (Environment and European Projects) on the objectives of the UIA "Air-Break" project and will close with Micol Guerrini (Councillor for Youth Policies, International Cooperation, Information Services).

This webinar will focus on a hot topic: landscape protection is not only important from a naturalistic point of view but also for the hydraulic and geological safety of the territory, especially in a critical country like Italy and in a phase of climate change. We will talk about it with Walter Ganapini and Marco Boschini of the association Comuni Virtuosi, introduced by the Councillor of the Emilia-Romagna Region Irene Priolo. The meeting will be coordinated by Lisa Sentimenti of AEES

On Thursday 29th October there will be the first of two webinars organized and managed by Laboratorio Aperto Ferrara. Indeed, in preparation for the Climathon in Ferrara, there will be an opportunity to deepen some useful tools in the startup phase of a project, to describe and analyse in a clear way and with standard methodologies the strategic vision of an existing or to be launched business model. These tools, like the Business Model Canvas, are therefore fundamental to set up a correct business launch strategy and reflect on what is missing and on the strengths of an idea.

We cannot speak of soft mobility and intermodality without also considering routes and services that can integrate the public transport network for both commuters (workers and students) and tourists, also for long distances as planned by the Ven-To project (part of the EuroVelo route). We will discuss these issues with the regional councillor Irene Priolo, Anna Donati and Paolo Gandolfi.

This second webinar managed by Laboratorio Aperto Ferrara will focus on tools useful in the management of projects and start-ups, in particular, to assess their economic sustainability. Work will be carried out on the Business Plan, as an object that allows summarizing the contents and characteristics of a business project, useful for the planning and business management phase, but also very important for external communication, in particular towards potential financiers or investors.


The Climathon Ferrara on 14 - 15 November, will start on Saturday at 9.00 a.m. with a live streaming, where the jury will announce the evaluation criteria and the objective of the Climathon. There will be five topics and participants can choose between:

  • Air quality crowdsourced data
  • Mixed-mode commuting: bike+bus+train
  • Sustainable tourism & wayfinding
  • Commuters North area
  • Sustainable of tourist structures


The working groups can be physical or online, in fact, each team will be able to choose how to deal with the topic, whether in organized work tables or in other spaces. It is important that you respect the 3 checkpoints that will be inserted until the deadline, and then delivery of the project, Sunday 15th November at 15.00.

The 3 checkpoints will be carried out together with the mentor who will support and ensure the effectiveness of the project. Once the projects have been uploaded, the jury reserves the right to evaluate the projects according to the criteria announced at the beginning and then nominating the 5 finalists who will discuss the projects live on the Facebook page. Once the questions have been answered and some doubts resolved, the jury will reserve the right to nominate a second time the winner of the category.
In addition, depending on the partners, other prizes will be included.

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Climathon Ferrara: how it works?

Climathon Ferrara is divided into two parts: the first part started on September 10th with a series of online webinars about 5 main topics. Those 5 topics that will lead by experts and professionals in the field; during the 60 minutes of the webinars will deal with air quality monitoring (control modes, capillarity of intervention), sustainable tourism and slow mobility and soft mobility, intermodality, and public services for citizens.

These webinars aim to inform and educate participants about multiple aspects concerning climate and the impact of climate changes in Ferrara and, at the same time, to anticipate the 5 macro-themes that will be protagonists of the Climathon Ferrara 2020 quoting also houses of inspiration to the participants.

To complete the topics, two physical workshops on Business Model Canvas and Business Plan have been included, in order to provide additional tools to the participants and to build a training path, also entrepreneurial.

We warmly encourage to join online webinars and participate to workshops as they will be preparatory to participation for the Climathon Ferrara; if you are not able to join the events online or physically, don't worry: each event is being recorded and you will be able to watch the video when published.

The second part of the Climathon Ferrara is the event itself, starting on 14th November with a live streaming opening, where the jury will announce the evaluation criteria. Each of the 5 topics will have its own evaluation criteria.

Climathon Ferrara 2020


14 Nov 2020 - 15 Nov 2020


Laboratorio Aperto - Via Castelnuovo 10 (44121 Ferrara)


14 Nov 2020 - 15 Nov 2020


Laboratorio Aperto - Via Castelnuovo 10 (44121 Ferrara)

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