"Acoperisul Verde" - Green Roof


Together we can make green cities!

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"Freight Club" Against Transport Emissions


Our solutions enables companies to collaborate on transporting goods in dense industrial areas to reduce emissions as well as costs

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"Un grano no hace granero pero ayuda al compañero"


Media campaigns to reach different sectors of public for the awareness of ethical consumption. The sector have been devided in three groups: young, adult and elderly people. For each group we will produce different campaigns depending on the needs, the language and the way the sector is best reached

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An app to track companies/brands and the money they give to politicians/PACs/lobbyists, how that relates to climate (GHG emissions, wastewater, etc), and ways to immediately communicate with the companies/politicians. We're also ranking companies based on the sustainability.

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A hybrid hydropower and floating PV system


Inovation a hybrid hydropower and floating PV system

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A sustainable packaging solution for retail sector and circular economy


System that allows to implement multi-use boxes and bags in grocery industry

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Accompagner le retour à la terre!


"Martine à la ferme" accompagne le retour à la terre !

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Act Solar


Anyone that has a smartphone can invest in solar energy. Today.

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Adaptive scenarios solutions


Flood path prediction and adaptive cropping strategy

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Our open-source platform aims to bring closer to the public information about projects and plans from different sectors with significant environmental impact.

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This agricultural start-up focuses on decreasing arable land, utilizing unused water bodies and producing contamination free food more conveniently.

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AIM-All-inclusive mobility


The aim of the game: climate protection. That’s why mobility needs to offer choice, flexibility and accessibility for consumers. We want to provide an all-inclusive mobility solution through improvement of first & last mile mobility offers and capacity enlargement of existing rolling stock.

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Climathon Stories

Read our Climathon stories to get inspired.

Get Ready for Climathon with Our E-Learning Course

We are very much looking forward to this year's edition of the Climathon and we cannot wait to hear your ideas to solve your city's local climate challenge!

How the City of Leeds Received Two Creative Ideas for Clean Air Solutions

The 2017 edition of the Climathon awarded not one but two winning projects that suggested credible and inventive solutions to improve air quality in the city.

Two Ways in Which Edinburgh Hopes to Foster a Strong Circular Economy for Food

With the 2017 edition of the Climathon, Edinburgh focused on sustainable urban food production. The judges ended up finding not one, but two promising ways to do so!

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