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Climate Innovators - Create real solutions to your city’s climate challenge, take action in your city!

How will you benefit from Climathon?

  • Help solve your city’s local climate challenge, and make your city more resilient to climate change
  • Network with local leaders from academia, business and public authorities
  • Develop your skills in public speaking, innovative thinking, prioritisation, and explore new tools and methodologies
  • Join forces with other like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Become a part of a global community working together to take climate action!

Application Deadline: 25th October, 2017


Sustainable Urban Development: Land Use and Traffic

Hosting a population around 1.97 million, as recorded in the 2016 census, Karaj is the fourth-largest city in Iran, after Tehran, Mashhad, and Isfahan. Until the second half of the 20th century, it used to be known mainly as a summer resort. Today, it is a major industrial city, with factories producing sugar, textiles, wire, and chemical products. It can be argued that one of the main problems and limitations of urban management in Karaj is the issue of migration and the growth of urban population (absolute and relative), which is associated with an increase in urbanization. On one hand, this leads to the expansion of the physical space of the city and the reduction of natural and vital resources; on the other hand, the spread of non-standard and informal settlements on the suburbs are going to follow their own consequences.

Climathon 2017 is an opportunity to discuss some of the problems related to the main patterns of urban development in Karaj: land use and extra-urban traffic especially in Tehran-Karaj corridor. To this aim all students, startups, local authorities, public and private organizations, administrative bodies, entrepreneurs and innovators are invited to come with their creative ideas in the global Climathon day for overcoming the challenges of "sustainable urban development" in Karaj.

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Contact Us

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