13 Nov 2020 - 15 Nov 2020

Together we create change

The London Climathon 2020 took place on the weekend of 13-15 November. 109 participants, 16 mentors and 12 speakers gathered to solve 4 of London's most pressing climate challenges:

  • How can we ensure that there is enough healthy food for all and a net-zero food system for London?
  • How do we empower different demographic groups to shift towards a net-zero footprint?
  • How do we go about creating more transparent and lower emissions supply chains?
  • How can we develop zero-carbon communities through buildings, infrastructure, and green spaces?


Together they created 12 innovative solutions!

The Winner is...

No Appetite 4 Waste, a programme designed to equip primary school children with knowledge to tackle food waste

Joint Runners up are...

CircuChain, with Green Diner Rating, a sustainability and rating consultancy company for restaurants and The Last Mile, a credit card that rewards you for taking climate positive decisions

And Third Place goes to...

Creative Carrots, an online social platform that helps communities co-create better food habits

You can find all solutions here

We want to thank all partners, judges, mentors and speakers involved in making the London Climathon 2020. Above all, we want to thank our participants for coming up with some incredible and inspiring solutions in 48 hours! We are hoping that some of them will soon become a reality. 

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What is the London Climathon 2020?

The London Climathon 2020 will enable citizens to solve London’s most current and pressing climate challenges. We will do so through an online weekend Ideathon that anyone living in London can participate in and create innovative solutions that make London a better city. 


We will provide further business support to teams behind the best ideas to turn them into real life solutions. 

When is the LC 2020 taking place?

It will start on the evening of Friday 13th of November and conclude on the afternoon of Sunday 15th of November.

What should I expect over the weekend of the Ideathon as a participant?

On Friday night our experts will present the challenges and split you into teams, based on which challenge you are solving. Saturday is hacking day! Within your teams you will brainstorm, select and develop ideas for your climate challenge. Our mentors will be there to guide you and answer any questions you may have. On Sunday you will then need to create a video submission of your solution for our jurors to review. We will award the top solution per challenge and of the Hackathon.


Prior to the Ideathon you will receive an info pack that includes everything you will need from the weekend.

How can I register for the Ideathon?

You can participate for the Ideathon at:

Do I have to be part of a team to register for the Climathon?

You do not need to be already part of a team to register and participate in the Climathon! We will make sure to add you into a team based on the challenge you would like to solve. 

If on the other hand you are joining as a group of friends or colleagues and want to stay in the same group, please ensure to include this in your registration form. 

What should I expect over the weekend of the Ideathon as a mentor?

We have two types of mentors:

Challenge experts - experts 

Business experts 


Theme experts - these are people with deep knowledge of the London climate challenges that the Climathon is aiming to solve. 


Crosscutting experts - these are people who have a deep understanding of an area of expertise that is relevant to all the teams. This includes: diversity & inclusion, change management, user experience and product.


The plan is for theme experts to be allocated to a team tackling one of the challenges in their area of expertise. Crosscutting experts will work with various teams throughout the weekend, depending who needs their input.


More details about the mentor’s role can be found here.

How can I register to be a mentor?

You can register to be a mentor here.

Do I need to be there for the full weekend?

As a mentor, you will mainly need to be available over the Saturday and we can together select the times that you are available. We require a minimum of 2 hours of commitment. 

As a participant you can be there as much as you want. We recommend that you are there for the Friday evening so you can meet your team. Together you can then decide how much time you want to spend solving your challenge on Saturday. On the Sunday, we expect you to submit your solution. 

What are the challenges of LC 2020?

The challenges of LC 2020 are on (1) food system (2) urban planning / housing (3) sustainable living and (4) supply chain / co2 emissions. These have been created in collaboration with experts in London's climate scene. More details per challenge can be found in the website. 

My organisation is interested in sponsoring the event. What do we need to do?

We have several sponsorship packages at different levels. The benefits of being a sponsor include visibility prior, during and after the Climathon, good company reputation and connections. 

If you are interested to hear more, please contact Avrilia from Impact Hub King's Cross at

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