Honolulu - Climathon 2019


Join the Climathon in Honolulu

Come and solve climate challenges with your community in a vibrant collaborative atmosphere. Climathon Honolulu will feature a 24 hour hackathon, inspirational workshops and talks, films, prizes, and like-minded people. All are encouraged to join as participants or learners. This is a public event.

Local action, global impact.

What's in it for me?

If we can mitigate and reverse even some of the climate impact of tourism to our communitiy, we'll have beautful beaches to enjoy for years to come. 


Join us

We are looking for different participants to join the Climathon. Sign up for your profile now. Hurry up we only have a limited amount of seats.





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26 September 17:30

Sustainability Marketplace

This is a casual marketplace opportunity to engage with and support local sustainable businesses and non-profits, and become a more responsible consumer.

19 September 17:30

Climate Action Starts with YOU! Talk Story

Climate Action Starts with YOU! A Talk Story event

19 September 17:30

Climate Action Starts with YOU!

Learn what you and your family can do to make sustainable choices as a consumer and get involved in climate action! The time is now and change starts with you!


Impact Hub Honolulu


1050 Queen Street, Suite 100
US96814 - Honolulu

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