You know your city, town or region and its climate challenges the best.

Join us to empower citizens to change cities, towns and regions – through exploration, experimentation and demonstration – to enable viable alternatives at scale. By registering as a Climathon organiser you will join our community of hundreds of organisers from across the world.  

Before you register as a Climathon organiser we would like to encourage you to consider the following things:

  • Apply early

You will most likely need a minimum of three months to organize your event after you register. Applying early will give you the time to attend training and familiarize yourself with the Climathon methodology.

  • Pick your event type

Decide whether your Climathon will be in-person, hybrid or online. Choosing your event type is important as it will guide you in the planning and execution of your Climathon. You can read more about the different Climathon events in the “Climathon guide” which is found in the organiser toolkit.

We always encourage you to organise an in-person Climathon as this format best caters to ecosystem building and idea creation.

  • Create a city registration page

On we will promote your Climathon, but we strongly encourage you to develop a city and registration page with more information about your Climathon. You can use free services such as Eventbrite. Please do keep in-mind that you will be asked to submit the link when registering.

Important: Please also read through become an organiser, organiser responsibilities and our terms and conditions before starting the application to organise a Climathon.

Are you interested in organising?

Then please get in touch with us!