Develop regenerative agriculture together


Rethinking the approach of our food system, starting from the fundamentals (agriculture and livestock), passing through technological innovation (new food products, for example).

What methodologies and approaches should be adopted to help reduce the climate footprint of the agri-food sector?

Can we promote the transition of our agri-food system towards sustainable large-scale production capable of meeting the needs of a growing world population?

Can technology help in the development of agri-food products that replace meat in terms of nutritional quality and that are efficient in terms of consumption of natural resources and reduction of climate emissions?

How can we enable more greenhouses fed with
renewable sources, which encourage local production of food that normally grows in warmer climates, thus reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions for transportation?

How can the energy efficiency of the plants and machinery used in the agri-food sector be increased by substituting fossil fuels for renewable sources?

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