Malta Climathon 2021

29 Oct 2021 - 30 Oct 2021

Registration closed

Malta Climathon 2021

📣📣📣 What if we told you that...

At the Malta Climathon Challenge 2021!

🚀 What if you could:
  • help local businesses,
  • reduce single use plastic products,
  • start your own business,
  • meet amazing people,
  • win 7500EUR worth of biz support

    - in only 24 hours???

Join our FREE Climathon Challenge and get rewarded for your ideas!

Environment and Resources Authority

Remove single-use plastics in our food delivery system!

Friday 29 October at 12:30
Saturday 30 October at 18:30

MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building

We have great keynote speakers from
  • Ministry for Environment, Climate Change and Planning (MECP)
  • Environment and Resources Authority (ERA)
  • AquaBioTech
  • MCAST (Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology)


  • Workshops (Big idea & small launch, 1234 Pitch)
  • Expert mentors from environment and entrepreneurship industries
  • Business Coaches and Facilitators to support your team and shape your idea

💰 7500 EUR PRIZE!
Present your idea to the judges and if your team wins, you score twice!!!

1) A 5000EUR place in our MED ClimAccelerator Programme!!
This means, you get 5000EUR worth of startup business support, funding, training, mentoring. That is right - people usually go into debt or take up bank loans to start a business, but here you have the chance to get paid for learning and get expert support so that you can build and implement your solution in 2022. 😎

2) 2500EUR extra value from ERA!!

- Availability for discussions and guidance from professionals within the Waste Team

- Availability of the ERA board room during office hours once a month for a period of one year, for discussions related to the winning proposal

- Sharing of content related to the winning proposal on ERA’s Facebook page

- Allowance of exhibition space to exhibit the initiative, during one public event that ERA is participating in, during the year in which the initiative is being implemented

Challenge accepted???

Free tickets this year! Usually events like this are between 50 and 100EUR per ticket... take your chance!


🧨🧨🧨 click REGISTER at the top of the page or


ERA - that is our Environment and Resources Authority - needs your help!

They have taken on a big task - making Malta single-use plastic free - and if we get there fast, we would be the second EU country to achieve this!!!

(In case you ask, Luxembourg is slightly ahead of us. 🙄)

So, in a compostable nutshell, your challenge is to gather a team and work on an idea to help making this happen. Whether you think of edible coffee cups, bamboo straws, food delivery in reusable boxes, banana leaves, bring your own mug refill stations ... or  ... you get the idea.

The main point is - play, explore, have fun, ask people, go out and speak to businesses, scroll through Wolt and Bolt, take note of the waste you see in the streets - open eyes and ears create the best solutions.

Wouldn't it be amazing to order some takeaway food that doesn't make you feel guilty for all the rubbish?

Isn't it exciting to know that your food will make you feel great rather than adding more and more micro plastics to your body?

Yes, we think so too!
Thank you ERA for trusting our amazing participants with this challenge!



Friday, 29 October

(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

You made it! Welcome at MCAST!
Register at the front table, meet others, have a drink!

(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

What is this all about?
Why is a Climathon important for you and Malta?

Listen to speakers from

EIT Climate-KIC Hub, 
Nika Levikov, Manager 
Prof Joachim J.Calleja, Principal 

AquaBioTech Group, George Mantas, Biz Dev Director 
MECP, Alexandra Cuschieri, Manager

EIT Climate-KIC, 
Dr Beatriz Camacho Ávila, Manager Southern Europe

And the challenge is...?
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Our Challengers from ERA share what they need your help with!
Time to listen and take notes - they will judge the winners!

Ideas storm and Teams form
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Jen Lund from will help you to pitch your idea and find your team! Learn simple and fun ways to warm up your creative brain!

Coffee & Fingerfood
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Yay! The first of many coffees and snacks with your brand new team!

"Launching small with a big idea"
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Phil Richards, our Sponsor and Founder at Tapp Water Malta, shares his journey and Malta specific tips with you - a talk/ workshop combo that you are welcome to attend!

(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Workshop! "1234 - Pitch"
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Jen Lund, Founder at, shares tools to make your presentation a success - a workshop that you are welcome to attend!

Meet the Mentors!
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

You have a great idea and a brand new team now - and we will assign a mentor for you. Then it is time to put ideas and info into action!
Organize your team and set everything up for online/ remote work so you can all contribute to the challenge!

Venue closes,
Teamwork continues

(most teams will work into the night :-), at home, online, beach, restaurant...)

Mentor Check in

A chance to ask all your questions, check in with your mentors in your facebook group and see if you are on track with your challenge!

Saturday, 14 November

00:00 - 08:30
Teamwork continues

Get ready for crunchtime! Today is the day!

08:30 - 10:00
Pitch Practice 1

Super important - Go and present (online) what you have so far!
Our mentors will give you feedback and tips to impress the judges!

10:00 - 10:30
Morning Yoga

let your body take over for a moment and enjoy a gooooood stretch!

(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Final Pitch Practice
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Last chance to tweak your slides/ presentation!

Submit Pitchdecks!
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

All teams have to hand in their pitches/ presentations - slides, ppt or pdf!

14:00 - 15:00
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

WOW! You did it! Celebrate with your team over lunch and relax before the presentation.

15:15 - 16:30
Presentation Time!!!
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Time to show off what you have been working on for the last 24 hours!
We cheer for you all! Invite your family and friends to see the final pitches and clap for you!

16:30 - 17:00
Coffee & Judges Deliberation
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

Time for you all to relax, celebrate, network, mix, mingle and let the Judges go to work! We are so proud of you!

17:00 - 18:00
And the winner is...
(MCAST, Paola Campus
Administration Building)

All of you of course - you learned new skills, made new connections, formed teams, started potential businesses... Congrats to every one!

And now we will find out who gets the
5K prize - our Team Accelerator AND the
2.5K extra prize by ERA!

18:00 - Farewell

We hope you had a great Climathon, see you at the next one!


Malta proudly hosted Climathon last year online, and this year, we are excited to return with a hybrid event! The winning solution in 2020 focused on sustainable tourism and we're delighted that the result is an app that is now available! Check out "Merhba"!
This year we welcome the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) as the Challenge Owner and invite everyone across the islands to join us in tackling our most complex climate challenges. 
Malta, like the rest of EU Member States, must move towards a net zero carbon economy by 2050. At the EIT Climate-KIC Malta Hub, we not only desire this transition, but see that it's needed if we are to avoid looming challenges around arid agricultural lands, water scarcity and rising sea levels (among others!). The government needs help not just from experts, but also from its citizens to arrive at innovative solutions that can be implemented in both the short and long-term.
We are here to make change.
Join us in the climate fight and be part of the solution!

Facts & Figures

145 cities

Uniting the world's cities

6000+ participants

Join a global movement

600+ ideas

Make your local idea count

Malta Climathon 2021

29 - 30 October

29 Oct 2021 - 30 Oct 2021


MCAST Main Campus Corradino Hill | Paola

Registration closed

29 - 30 October

29 Oct 2021 - 30 Oct 2021


MCAST Main Campus Corradino Hill | Paola

Registration closed
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Our Team Mugshots 😎

Working hard for you behind the scenes...

Nika, Organizer

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The eye of the storm...

Meet the Organizers!


Established in 2001, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology is the country’s leading vocational education and training institution. Six Institutes in Malta and the Gozo Campus, MCAST offers 180 full-time and over 300 part-time vocational courses ranging from certificates to Master’s degrees (MQF Level 1 to Level 7). The six MCAST Institutes namely the Institute of Applied Sciences, the Institute for the Creative Arts, the Institute of Engineering and Transport, the Institute of Business Management and Commerce, the Institute of Community Services, the Institute of Information and Communication Technology and the Gozo Campus provide all the technical and professional expertise towards the delivery of the programmes at MCAST. They also maintain the aim of driving forward all the areas of study under their respective responsibility.



The AquaBioTech Group is an international consulting company strategically located in the centre of the Mediterranean on the island of Malta, although operating globally with clients and projects in over fifty-five countries. The AquaBioTech Group undertakes a variety of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic environmental projects through its regional offices and selected partners throughout the world. The vast majority of the company’s work is related to the marine or aquatic environment, encompassing aquaculture developments, market research / intelligence, through to project feasibility assessments, finance acquisition, project management, technology sourcing and technical support and training.

Contact the organiser
Contact the organiser


Who can join the challenge?

Anyone! Students, entrepreneurs, creatives, tourists, business people, software developers, engineers, hospitality employees...

It is about solving problems that affect us all, so your unique lifestyle and background can be the missing link in creating great ideas for your team!

Can I sign up alone?

Yes! No need to have a team or bring a group. On the day, people will pitch their ideas (we help you to do that) and if you like someone's idea, you go and join their team! If you have an idea already, you can pitch it and others might want to join your team!

Why would I want to join a Climathon?

Why would you not?

How often do you get a chance to meet people who are full of energy, want to make change happen, learn new things, meet potential employers, start your own business and have a direct impact on the day to day life here in Malta?

What is the cost?

24 hours. Zero fees.

I know, we are crazy to supply all the food, space, organizing power and a 5000EUR prize for the winner - but hey, grab your chance while there are still tickets :-)

Do I need to have an idea?

No, but you are more than welcome to pitch one if you come up with one on the day - you never know what fun people you meet and what you might have in common! Also you might find that someone else is thinking about a really good idea, so you can vote for them and join their team as well!

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