29 Oct 2021 - 30 Oct 2021

Collective solutions for Climate Action!

Impact Hub Zürich, in collaboration with The City of Zürich and Climate Kic, presents the Climathon 2021 - Collective solutions for Climate Action.  

The Climathon in Zürich is a series of empowering events, that create a community of like-minded people, sharing the same goal, to save our planet and make Zurich a greener and more livable city. 

This event is a 24hour Climathon, an Experience, a celebration and a temporary community within the city of Zürich. Especially this year, an urgent exploration of collective solutions and responses to face the Climate Crisis from a standpoint of empowerment and local action. We expect 80+ committed activists, change-makers, entrepreneurs and leaders from all walks of life to come together to address the challenges of our time. 

Your path begins with the Pre-Event where you will learn more about this year’s challenges and get to know your fellow participants and their ideas. This is a great space for networking, bridging inspiring conversations and finding out who are your allies in face of Climate Change. 

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The Climathon

The Climathon is the actual main event. Here you can work together with other participants, or with your team, on projects that address the Climate Challenges of today´s world. In the time frame of 24 hours, you will be supported by our great group of coaches and experts to brainstorm, design and test your ideas for local resiliency. 

Through a diverse programme, we will reaffirm our commitment to a greener present, to our daily actions and local-collective projects as an integral part of the systemic transition we wish to catalyse. Our inspiration and programme extend far beyond the Impact Hub movement, inviting experts from across the spectrum of Climate Experts, environmentalists, activists, students, concerned citizens, entrepreneurs, academics and policymakers. Together we will develop solutions for a future worth living, through embracing collaboration and co-creation, in form of possible future projects. 

We value the support of a win-win, diverse and inclusive culture. We need all hands on deck to turn this ship around! Everyone’s ideas are valuable and significant, that is why we have prepared for you a space where all projects get to pitch their idea. Get ready to share your project with the Climathon crowd and jury! On-site we will have a jury composed of representatives from The City of Zürich that will decide which projects get to be implemented in a further way. 

Finally, follow-up events are waiting for you to support the development of future ideas, meeting with city authorities and build upon our amazing community of local change-makers and climate heroes!

Join us in Zürich, Selnaustrasse 25 (Kraftwerk) where core values of action, solidarity, collaboration and fun will form the basis of the programme of hands-on action, inspiring conversations, climate action, reflection and celebration.

Official website: climathon.ch 

Be welcomed to take action! 

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