Tackle climate change from the ground up


We are a global community of climate-minded people working together to help our cities decarbonise.

Climathon events bring citizens together to raise awareness and inspire local climate action.

A Climathon event is planned and coordinated by independent organisers and organisations. It can happen in-person, hybrid or virtually, and the event typically lasts 12-48 hours where participants collaborate to tackle local climate challenges.

Climathon has been organised since 2015 with about 600 organisers, 1,000 events and over 30,000 participants worldwide.

Organise a climathon

Raise climate awareness

Strengthen local ecosystems

Inspire projects and climate action

Tackle climate change from the ground up


Anyone with the drive to take action on climate change can organise a Climathon

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Find and participate in local, independently organised Climathons

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Take part in addressing the urgent challenges of climate change and create meaningful impact

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