Who can organise a Climathon?

Anyone with the drive to take action on climate change can be an organiser. As a Climathon organiser, you will be raising climate change awareness and inspiring others to act.

Climathon organisers are known for being the leaders and community builders, project developers, or experts in sustainability issues. Most importantly, anyone can become a Climathon organiser, and we strongly encourage youth groups, women’s groups, entrepreneurs, city officials, educators, and trainers to join our community of organisers.

Being a Climathon organiser is a very rewarding experience, but it is also a big commitment. As the local organiser, you will be leading everything on the ground, making sure that the Climathon runs smoothly. EIT Climate-KIC is there to help along the way.

Becoming a Climathon organiser is free as long as you adhere to the organiser responsibilities and terms and conditions

How to join

The first step into joining the Climathon community is make sure that you have read and understood the organiser responsibilities and our terms and conditions.

We also encourage you to read “Who we are” to get a better understanding of what Climathon is, watch what has happened at previous Climathons and study the FAQs

Next, you need to fill out the application below. You will most likely need a minimum of three months to organize your event after you register. So we recommend that you apply early to give yourself and your partners enough time attend trainings and familiarize yourself with the Climathon methodology. Please remember that you need to create your own registration page, where participants can read more about your Climathon and register to participate (we encourage you to use eventbrite.com). 

Finally, once EIT Climate-KIC has reviewed and approved your application, you will get access to the organiser toolkit, be invited to trainings and networking events with other Climathon organisers, as well as the license to use the Climathon logo and branding. 


Climathon Global Days

The Climathon Global Days unites the Climathon community every year during the last weekend of October in one global campaign to combat climate change.

This online initiative, organized by EIT Climate-KIC and partners, highlights stories and outcomes from all the Climathons, and fosters global connectivity.  

If you are planning to organise your Climathon during the Climathon Global Days, please get in touch with the team from EIT Climate-KIC to learn more.

Organising during Climathon Global Days is encouraged, so that you and your partners can utilize the global awareness and connectivity. However, as an organiser you have the freedom to decide when to organise your Climathon.